Armageddon Preppin

Armageddon Preppin

Card Game

2-4 Players
15-30 minutes
Ages: 8+
Game Design: Darth Rimmer
Artist: Darth Rimmer & Travis Watkins

Q When a card reads “VS. Event,” does that mean they can only be played vs an event ? For example, if it says +1 food vs. event can you use it to just get food?

A You can only us it vs. an event; you cannot trade it in for a food card. You also do not get any change back when using the card. For example, if the card reads +3 Food vs event and you only need 2 Food, you do not get 1 back.

Q If you loose a shelter during a disaster with a Family Member sheltered in it, do you loose the sheltered Family Member?

A No, the Family Member is safe, only the Shelter is discarded, even if that disaster denotes loss of family…every family member sheltered at the beginning of the disaster is safe, only the un-sheltered members are at risk.

Q Can a Surplus card be played during another player’s turn?

A Yes, Surplus cards can be played anytime, even during another player’s turn.

Q When can I use my Surplus cards marked “VS. Event”?

A Event (E) cards, Family Upkeep, and Disasters are all considered “events.” You can use your “VS. Event” Surplus cards to pay for any supplies claimed by these events. Please note: The only Surplus card you must play BEFORE a disaster are those marked with Auto-bunker abilities.

Q: Do I HAVE to draw a card for every un-sheltered family member?

A: No, it’s your choice depending on your strategy.

Q: How does someone win Preppin?

A: The last man standing at the end of the round wins! However, it’s possible for no one to win if a disaster takes everyone out in the round. That would signify the end of humanity!


Card Clarification & Important Details:

  • Cards marked “Auto-Bunker” enable the player to call back un-sheltered family markers, after they have drawn their area cards, to place them on available shelter before the Disaster card is drawn. This means that Auto-Bunker can be played at any time BEFORE the disaster is drawn, even during another players turn. (Only unoccupied Shelter cards are available for Auto-Bunker use.)
  • Cards marked with an “E” on the border are Event cards. As noted in the rules, the drawing player takes the actions on these cards immediately when drawn, then places the card in the proper discard pile. Example: “Draw 4 cards from any pile” means you resolve Events as soon as they are drawn, one at a time, regardless of how or when they are drawn, then continue with play. The drawn Event card is the only card that counts toward the original draw number. For instance, you send out 4 family members in search of supplies. The first card you draw is an Event card that specifies “Draw 4 cards from any pile.” Draw those 4 immediately, then continue on to the next family member’s draw.
  • The FEMA disaster card reads “All Players that have less than 3 Food and Water draw up to 3 cards, then Re-Shuffle piles.” This should read “All Players that have less than 3 Food and Water draw up to 3 extra FOOD AND WATER cards. Then Re-Shuffle piles.” You must reshuffle the piles because you seen seen the upcoming surplus cards in each the piles.
  • The Barter Event card (Trade 2 Random Surplus Cards with another player of Choice) is dependent on the player’s hand who draws it. Trade as much as you can. If you don’t have any Surplus cards, then you’re unable to Barter. (Food, Water, and Shelter cards are not Surplus cards – Surplus cards are marked with an S only). If you don’t have any Surplus cards in your hand, discard the Barter Event and draw different card. If you only have one Surplus card, then trade 1 for 1 with another player.
  • Cards that require you to draw extra cards from any area pile may require you to reshuffle discard piles to create new draw piles.
  • In Sequence of Play , step #2 “special surplus” was only meant to suggest surplus cards are unique. Please disregard the word “special.”